Новости (английский)

21.11.2017 Meeting with the Governor of Stavropol region in JSC SP Novotroitskoe
12.06.2017 On December 6th Stephane Mac Farlane, CEO of RZ Agro, took part in the conference "Agroholdings of Russia-2017"
27.10.2016 PK is the best farm in the crop research area
03.10.2016 RZ Agro Group CEO Stephane Mac Farlane has entered “Top-1000 Russian managers” in 2016
30.09.2016 September 28, Grand opening of club of martial arts in OJSC Donskoe
20.06.2016 RZ Agro has started harvesting 2016!
28.01.2016 Representatives of JSC "Stud farm named after the First Cavalry Army" took part in all-Russian conference about sport horse breeding
04.08.2015 RZ Agro Group completed the harvesting of early crops
15.06.2015 Harvesting campaign - 2015 began in RZ Agro!
06.04.2015 In all RZ Agro farms spring field works are ongoing actively
30.03.2015 In the farms of Rostov-East cluster spring barley planted on area of 2.6 kha, which represents 70% of the planned planting acreage for this culture.
23.03.2015 In Rostov-South flax sowing on the area of 1.5 kha was completed.
17.03.2015 In farms of Stavropol-West and Rostov-South clusters sowing of early grain and leguminous crops was completed on a total area of 6.3 kha.
16.03.2015 RZ Agro farms equipped with new machinery and equipment
12.03.2015 Works on the early spring fertililzing started in cluster Rostov-East.
28.02.2015 Assessment of winter crops condition
24.02.2015 Spring fieldworks started in RZ Agro Farms
18.11.2014 Successful performance of the Sakura club team on IV Martial Arts Spartakiad «Invincible Power – 2014»
02.10.2014 Russkaya Zemlya LLC was awarded an Honorary diploma of the Russian Grain Union
28.08.2014 RZ Agro is harvesting late crops and industrial crops and preparing for the autumn sowing
04.08.2014 Early crops harvesting was completed with record results!
01.07.2014 Crops harvesting started on RZ Agro farms
15.06.2014 VNIIK inspection at OAO "Konniy zavod imeni Pervoy Konnoy Armii"
12.05.2014 "Sakura" club of martial arts’ team got 8 medals at the "East-West" International Martial Arts Olympics
09.05.2014 Traditional annual equine in honor of the Great Victory Day
At the 30th of September at the territory of Chernishevka khutor (Konniy zavod imeni Pervoy Konnoy Armii) was great opening of multifeature sportsground